Sunday, April 14, 2013

FHE Lesson {Scriptures}

Opening Prayer:

Article of Faith: #9


Each Day in family scripture reading someone inevitably complains that the scrap of paper that is their bookmark has been lost and they can't find where we are up to in their Blue Book of Mormons. Hence the need to make some bookmarks.

A few years ago we did this lesson on getting to know the scriptures after discovering that despite reading them our older girls knew nothing much about their scriptures. I think it's time for a refresh.

What are the Scriptures?

What is the Bible? The Book of Mormon? The Doctrine and Covenants? The Pearl of Great Price?
{Get children to find each compilation, or have separate books to show}

How do they help us?

What should we do with the Scriptures?

How can our family include the Scriptures more in our life?
{memorize a verse, family scripture reading, personal reading, scripture chases}

Getting to know your scriptures:

Start with a quick perusal of their scriptures. 
Check out the tabs, ribbon bookmarks, pictures section etc.

Ask questions like:

What is/find the first book of the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon

Use the Title page to find other books (give them some unusual ones to find)

Choose a word to look up in the Topical Guide. When then followed it to the scripture.

We looked at footnotes and what the little letters mean and then followed it back to the Bible Dictionary and Topical Guide


Make bookmarks to go in your scriptures.
Laminate if desired.

Closing Prayer: Child

*** Lesson for younger children****
Compile a group of scriptures. Your personal set, Blue Book of Mormon, the scripture cartoon books etc - whatever you have access to. 

Explain scriptures are the Word of God. We like to read and learn from the Scriptures. Remind them of a scripture story they know and say that story comes from this book.

Get them to draw or colour a bookmark and put in their scriptures.

Tell them we are making a goal to read a little from this book every day.

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