Monday, May 20, 2013

FHE Lesson {Temples}

Opening Prayer:

Music Time:
I love to see the Temple #95

Families Can Be Together Forever #188

How Beautiful Thy Temples Lord Hymn #288

Article of Faith: Number Four

Discussion 1:

Show the short Church Video: Christ Child presented at the Temple

Why did Jesus’s Parents take him to the temple when he was very young?

(Answers in Luke 2:22-38)

What is a Temple? (House of the Lord)

Who can go to the temple? (Everyone that meets the requirements for entry)

What are some of the things we do there?  [Think of the 4th article of faith]?
(Ordinances such as: Baptisms, Confirmations, Washings and Anointing’s, Endowments and Sealing’s)

Discussion 2: Why do we build Temples?

For saving ordinances, eternal marriages, families to be sealed forever.

The Temple is a place of learning, quiet reflection.

see : why we build Temples

Discussion 3: What makes a temple special?

Show the Short Church Video : Christ Cleanses the Temple

Why did Jesus send everyone away?
(Jesus taught us that the temple is special that we leave the world outside of the temple)

How should we behave in the temple? (Reverent, Quiet, whisper)

When can we go to the temple? (After we turn 12 and met the requirements for entry)

How often should we go to the temple? (Regularly, as often as we can)

How should we dress when we go to the temple?

The Temple is a place of learning, quiet reflection, for marriage.

Preparing to go to the Temple is just as important as being in the Temple.

Show this wonderful!! youth video : Standing in Holy Places  



 Have a parent or older sibling share a special temple experience.


Activity: Temple Slide Show

Show a Temple Slide Show: (Down load or view the temple pictures from the website.)

How many temples are there? (141) (in May 2013)

How many temples are built every year. (Current approximately 3 per year)

(we made our own Temple slideshow many years ago for a youth activity. Its fun to watch all the beautiful Temples and try to guess which country they are. Everyone always enjoys it. We add the extra Temples as they a built. (warning it could take a while to make a slideshow from scratch - I wish I knew how to share ours online)

Where does the money come from to pay for the Temples?
(From donations to tithing. Every temple is paid for in full before construction begins.)

Closing Prayer:

Treat:  Build a Temple from Sugar Cubes

Closing Prayer

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