Tuesday, May 14, 2013

There was a day... take 2

One of my children gave me a Mothers Day Card that said:

I love you mummy
I like your cookies
That was it. I thought how sweet.. except I don't really make biscuits very often. Oh no perhaps I should. I better find out which biscuits she loves so much! She answered 'those chocolate ones with sprinkles'. Then I remembered her sister made some the Sunday before (a packet mix which no one really liked and we even threw some away!)
I instantly thought of my previous post and I felt better. In writing a mothers day card the child couldn't even think of anything from further than a week ago?
It reminded me of the when at the end of the Easter Holidays on the first day back at school the teacher asked them to write in their journals what fun things they did on the holidays. She wrote about how her Aunty had moved into the building near her school (a work building).  I think it was because we pointed out which office was her aunties that morning on the way to school.
All those wonderful things we did on the Easter holidays? nope not recorded.
I was right in my previous post.
There was a day.. but all days seem to blend into... a day.
Children often live in the here and now and it's a beautiful reminder to make each day count.
What they remember is usually what happened recently.
Some ways to help me combat this as not every day is perfect and we all experience trials. How to help children know in hard times (or when mum is having a bad day/week) that they are loved and live a blessed life.
One of the best examples I've seen in our family, is the very first year we played a slideshow of all the pictures we took for the year. It was Grandparents Christmas Dinner and we thought it would be a nice activity to keep them calm and give them something to do. They spent about 40 mins ooohhhing and ahhhing... Oh remember that!? I remember! Can we do that again? Mum, mum remember this?
They had not remembered before the slideshow.
It bought back a remembrance of all the fun things they got to do that year.
I'm trying to include more stories of them and family members into our Family Home Evenings or when we are driving in the car seems to be a good time to chat.
As I seem to have a bad memory myself I'm trying harder to write the small things down.

I have been asking my grandparents to recall some stories they know so I can pass them on.
Our older girls keep journals. They need reminding to write in them and don't do as often as they should but I did see one of them reading theirs the other day and saying I don't remember that lol.
Have a family statement to say often. Something that includes how much you love them. We have a family motto/statement that we wrote many many years ago however I don't think we say or look at it enough. Might have to include that back into daily, weekly rotation. We might not do that (yet) but we do say I love you each day and go to school with a kiss and hug. And the Mr off to work with a kiss too. Parents often say things like 'remember who you are!'  'Be Kind' etc and I really think they do matter and are a sweet thing to include in family life.

Maybe EVERYDAY counts. And as time goes on we can't put our finger on the EXACT DAY.

Just the fact that there was a day.

There was a day. Many days. Where my mum loved me and I loved her.

Please leave any tips or suggestions on how you combat this.

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