Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Explore where you live

When at grandma's there are trips to the horse paddock, trips to the creek, adventurous walks here and there all in regular suburbia. When we discovered an awesome local creek/swimming hole not 2 kms away in summer I knew there must be little hidden gems in any neighbourhood.

Now I've lived here like 8 years and there are plenty of awesome places being in the city, but not things like mentioned above. I always feel guilt when my neighbour is taking her daughter on daily long walks in all the wonder this city has to offer. However for me it is hard, hard work to drag four kids out of the house for long walks. There is always someone who doesn't want to, someone who can't and someone for me to carry, sometimes more than one for me to carry. It always seems to be such a task to get everyone out on a walking adventure. Why is it so hard!?!

It seems every few months I get determined to get out for walks, trips to the park, to watch the sunset.

Then I fall back into regular life.



This months attempt was finding an adventure in our own area.

We used google maps to look up what creeks, paths, mangroves, swamps etc were in the local area.

We saw a little bridge on one map about 1km away and went to find it.

I saw some previously never heard of 'flats' down by the creek hidden in the industrial area and we went and walked it.

And Explore where you live #1 worked out great. Thanks Google Maps!

There's never a fist pump a mum loves more than the child who whined they didn't want to go on an 'adventure' be the same kid who didn't want to go home when it was time. Boo Yah.. take that!

Why don't they learn that everything mum suggests is going to be awesome ;)

And you might even find a tire swing on your trip.

Any hidden gems in your neighbourhood?

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