Sunday, August 25, 2013

FHE Lesson {Scriptures}

Opening Song: Seek the Lord Early #108

Opening Prayer:


Beforehand make letters to spell 'Scriptures' on go on top of some treats
(eg brownies, marshmallows, cupcakes,  sandwiches - anything you can stick a toothpick in)
Scramble the letters so children can not tell what it spells.

Ask them to figure out what the lesson is about. They might need some clues:
We use these to help us, words of the prophets, life of Jesus, we can read them etc.

Just as we had to sort the letters to understand what it says, so to the scriptures can help us sort our lives. When we read and study things begin to make sense to us.

Scriptures can be tricky for many children.
Start with a quick perusal of a set of scriptures
Check out the tabs, ribbons, bookmarks, pictures section

Ask questions like find the Book of Mormon, New Testament, Old Testament etc.

Use the title page to find the first book in... or to find unusual named books

Choose a word to look up in the topical guide (you could even do scripture)

Do this Scripture Cards Activity from the August 2013 Friend Magazine pg 25
Print out the squares that say
When I feel happy:
When I feel afraid:
When I feel lonely:
When I need courage:
Each card has matching scriptures for these times. Depending on attention maybe just cover one from each. Have children place these cards in a place for when needed.

Explain that the scriptures are here to help us. They contain many answers for those that seek them. You can read the scriptures every day and find something new to help you. The scriptures are for happy times and for hard times.

Closing Song: Book of Mormon Stories #108
Closing Prayer:

Eat your Scripture flag treat

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