Sunday, September 15, 2013

FHE Lesson {Sacrament}

This lesson was put together by our 12 year old. We used it last week.

Opening Song: Before I take the Sacrament #73

Opening Prayer: Child

Scripture: D&C 20:77-79
Our older girls have been learning the sacrament prayers by heart. It only took an offer of some Big Red Gum as reward and now everyone wants to learn a scripture to recite :)

Show  Gospel Art Picture Book #108 (Receiving Sacrament) and Blessing the Sacrament

What are these pictures about?

When Did Sacrament Begin? {Last supper with Jesus}

Why do we still have Sacrament today?
{To remind us of Jesus's Sacrifice, to promise to remember him and keep his commandments}

Who does the Sacrament?
{Any male holding the priesthood but typically the Deacons and Teachers aged 12-16 pass the Sacrament and the Priests 16-18 bless it}

How Can I show my love for the Saviour during Sacrament?
{Sit still, be quiet, fold arms, sing the sacrament hymn, listen to the prayers carefully, think of Jesus}

Share this poem

How small a sip of water,                                                                                                 
How tiny a crust of bread,                                                                                                   
Yet in these emblems we are lifted,                                                                                         
In them we are fed.                                                                                                              
As we think of Jesus                                                                                                          
And the sacrifice He gave,                                                                                                   
We feel His constant mercy,                                                                                                
His loving power to save.
Print and colour
Sacrament Manners Match Game

Closing Song: The Sacrament #72

Closing Prayer:


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