Monday, October 7, 2013

Jacaranda Season

The beautiful purple trees are back in bloom.

There are lots of jacarandas were I live. However they all seem to be on the main road and with lots of visual clutter in the background - pub, hotel signs, carparks. This makes it tricky to take nice photos in front of.

Anyone know a lovely big jacaranda in the middle of a park or field?

Maybe one year I will get a family photo under a jacaranda.

For the moment impromptu play on the jacaranda's at the park photos will suffice.


Hairband matching was not intentional. But very cute.
Shame about the favourite crocodile shirt from Grandma from the Northern Territory ;)

See previous Jacaranda celebrations here:


1 comment:

Felicity said...

Beautiful!!! I love {and am MISSING} this beautiful time of year in Australia!! Just today I said to my sister....."are the Jacarandas out yet".....sigh! :) I'll have to go through my archives and dig up my old pictures too!!! xo

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