Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Pillowcase Tradition

We had a quiet Saturday morning and as we are super busy the rest of the year {seriously! its crazy!} I thought we better get to and make our traditional Christmas Pillowcases.

As I was packing up even The Mr said... 'are you going to make me one?' {lol}
Since the girls sew it nearly all themselves now I might have to make one for us.

The girls promptly changed all their pillowcases over and even asked, since a few of them have two pillows if we could make them two Christmas pillowcases! {no!}

We even had a 10 year old neighbour drop by see the left over material and ask if she could have one.
I said yes if she helped sew it. Her first time at a sewing machine and she did great.

Days later as I tucked my little ones into bed my four year old stroked her cheek back and forth across her pillow and spoke in that melt my heart baby voice 
'I just love my gingerbread men sooo much. My pillow is soooo lovely and pretty!'

How could I deny them a tradition they love so?
{even when they need prodding to turn off the tv/computer to help come and make them! grrrrrrr!}

It's sometimes hard in January to get them to hand the pillowcase over.

Actually since my four year old loves Hoot and she had a Christmas owl pillowcase last year she kept her pillowcase on nearly all year round {It wasn't overtly Christmassy so I let it stay}

Here are our pillowcases from past years. I have quite a collection now.






 Find the  Pillow Case Tutorial Here

What to do with all those pillowcases?

They make easy wrapping for large gifts under the tree.
We wrap our nightly Christmas books in them, tie with a string, add a number.
Repurpose into other Christmas crafts {I'm thinking table runner in the future}

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