Monday, November 4, 2013

Pocket Bunting Advent Calendar

As I've discussed before it can be hard to find advent calendars that have enough room for treats for large families {and I don't really even view my family as *that* large}.

I'm always on the look out for ideas that can fit several treats inside each pocket.

I was excited when I found this idea and went to work straight away on it {back in September!}

Bunting and Advent Calendar? perfect!

Pocket Bunting Advent Calendar

Start with making a pattern/template.

Draw a kite shape on some paper or card.

I did mine by drawing a vertical line about 20 cm long. About 1/3 from the top I drew a horizontal line that was 14 cm long. Join the edges up and create a 'kite shape'. Now trace the bottom triangle part of your kite shape. You will now have a kite shape and a triangle shape.  These will form the Bunting.

Cut a kite shape and triangle shape from material of your choice

*side note - I used old clothes to create this bunting. I find old clothes are usually of heavier material, have interesting patterns and a good way to recycle. I was able to recycle a pair of kids jeans with a broken zip and a ill fitting dress, a skirt and another piece that had a stain on it. Best of all it made this project almost FREE as these were things that were going to be thrown out anyway. You can't really tell from the photos but the fabrics are textured and interesting. And I love the grey, light blue, red and white colour theme that popped out from these old clothes.

A thicker type material will make your bunting sit better.

Now, Sew them together.

Place right sides of fabric together and sew down the V of the bottom of the kite shape.

Turn inside out and you have a bunting with a flap.

Fold down flap.

Make 25 more :)

Embellish your flags with lace, embroidered edges and numbers.

The flap on the bunting has raw edges (so it could fray) so you might like to blanket stitch, add some ribbon or lace or be like me and use the decorative stitches on your sewing machine - FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!! {I was scared! lol. But so pleased how it turned out!}

I originally wanted to be lazy and buy some iron on felt numbers or similar. Except I couldn't find any small enough or not individually packed (that would = expensive). In the end I printed the numbers and used that as a template and cut my own numbers out of a scrap of felt I had at home. I attached the numbers with a little glue and a couple of stitches through each number to secure.

Attach the flags

You can attach the triangles to thick cord or twine, a strip of fabric or bias binding.
However you would like it to go.


For mine I:

Puchased a 3 metre length of bias binding. Fold in half and sew closed.

Attach each flag to the bias binding. I did this by opening up the flap and sewing along the top of the triangle - attaching it to the bias binding. {But DON'T sew the Pocket shut!}
When the flap is closed over you cannot see the sewing line.
Mine still seemed a little flimsy so I also did little vertical stitches on each side of triangle up and down attaching the flag to the bias binding better.

Alternatively you can just glue them to cord or the like.

Fill with treats.

This year I'm using Sippah milk Straws, Squinkies and some chocolates/lollies.
{Squinkies are obviously passé  as they used to be $20 now you can buy them for $4}
 I filled this Advent Calendar with four gifts for each day for under $15.
Maybe I could also reuse pop in the Christmas Jokes that were last years Advent treat

Lastly take lots of photos :) I find Advent Calendars notoriously hard to photograph.
Long and Skinny and hard to capture their cuteness

I only made ours into a 12 days of Christmas of Christmas Advent Calendar.

As mentioned here and here sometimes 24 days can feel too long, too many treats, loses its novelty factor, forget to check it, or even forget to make a calendar by 1st December. 12 days before Christmas coincides with the end of school, shorter time frame, less treats to buy to fill it. Still as cute :) That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

{plus we have several other advent calendars around the house!}

A friend told me they celebrate the 12 of days of Christmas with her kids getting a little present each day leading up to Christmas - delivered by the elves! I love that idea! So this will have to be the closest we get to that, this year.

Enjoy Counting down the Days till Christmas!

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