Monday, December 23, 2013

Beach Christmas


About 10 years ago or so we went camping the week before Christmas.

It was lovely. It was amazing. It put such a different spin on the holiday. We were fairly remote with barely any other people around. Christmas with all the stress and shopping removed.

I've remarked over the years how lovely that time was.

This year was the first time since then that we organised a getaway the week before Christmas.

And once again it was great. The kids were busy and well behaved.

I noticed the minute we got back they started asking about things, presents, buying, shopping, when is Christmas Day etc yet not a peep the whole week during. Of course they were occupied and having so much fun they forgot.

We got to spend some quality family time together in a beautiful location.

There may have been people around but we felt like we were alone in our family bubble.

And I honestly can't think of a better start to Christmas than that.

Our days consisted of going swimming at the beach early morn, back to the pool/spa, resting in the heat of mid day in our room watching movies, sitting in our bathroom spa, back to the pool and beach in the afternoon, dinner out, then back for night swimming in the pool. I almost felt waterlogged.
This was also the holiday our four year old finally got swimming. She's been swimming non stop to keep up with her sisters for years and often wears a swim vest to do so. However day 2 of constant swimming she threw the vest to the side and was off and swimming. Fell straight to sleep each night after hours and hours of swimming. Oh it seemed exhausting just watching her determined paddles.

I found our hotel {Oaks Seaforth} on a 3 day sale via Tourism Queensland back in winter. When I bought it I basically had no idea what hotel or where exactly it was located - other than sunshine coast. I was concerned it was a dodgy facebook deal and could end up being horrible but luckily it was an amazing hotel suite - bigger than our house, great view, $1000 off the regular price in a great location with lovely surrounds and facilities. I was so happy everything turned out great.

A wonderful end to a most wonderful year for us. I hope 2014 is as awesome.

And here is how I spent most the time at the beach - I was cold {afternoons and nights were chilly}

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Unknown said...

Sounds wonderful....I may have to give it a try next year!

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