Monday, January 6, 2014

How to Make a Fresh Wreath

As usual, in life things fall by the wayside.

I had a few other Christmas craft things to share but time just got away.

And once its over, its over. Two weeks later and so much has happened already!

However - after decorating with wreaths for our New Year/Christmas dinner I think these wreaths would make a great addition to any party. Their simple look doesn't have to be kept just for Christmas. Well in my opinion anyway.

So here is how I whipped up these wreaths just a few hours before said party.

Go and trim your hedges/trees collecting leaves attached to about 10-15 cms of stem.
Or borrow from your neighbour like I did :)
Almost any type of leafy plant will do. I grabbed a variety to see which one I would like best.
Light leaves with bendy stems will work best.
Using regular wire from any hardware/craft shop make some circles.
Lay out your clippings.
Grab little bunches of your greenery and attach tightly to the wire ring.
I used green sewing cotton, binding several times around the top of the stem.
Thin florist wire would probably work better, but I always seem to be making do with what I have lying around.

It will take quiet a lot of little bunches to go the entire way round the ring.
I was surprised at how many it took especially if you want good coverage.
Keep adding bunches on top of the previous stem, coving it with the next bunch.

When it is full examine your wreath.
You may have to trim bits that are sticking out funny, tie some stems down stronger etc.

Use a ribbon to tie your wreath and hang.

I got a little lazy when it came to wreaths 2 and 3 with the bigger leaves. In their case I just held on small bunches and wound around with the cotton thread not caring if it was showing or not. Those wreaths were made in minutes :)

The wreaths lasted about 3 days in our summer weather.
They started to wilt and leaves curl up a little by the third day.
However they still look passable even days later.

A very easy, cheap and versatile decoration for any party!

(my girls have also put in orders for me to make some for Anzac Day to take to school)

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