Sunday, March 23, 2014

FHE Lesson {Thankful for our Bodies}

This lesson inspired from a variety of primary lessons. Go here to see the primary manuals
Opening Song:
Opening Prayer: Child
Action songs to get you in the mood :)
 Head shoulders knees and toes
Hinges #277  (my fav action song as a kid!)
Do the following in a whisper:
Direct the children to do several things, such as sit down, raise their hands, lower their hands, and hold up two fingers, hop, close eyes, open eyes.
In your normal voice, ask the children how they knew what to do while you were whispering.
Explain that our bodies can do many things. Each part of the body has a special job to do.
What can you do with your eyes?
What can you do with your ears?
What can you do with your mouth?
What can you do with your hands?
What can you do with your feet?
Our bodies are a blessing. Our bodies were created in God's image. There is a reason we look the way we do. Our bodies are useful and strong and help us to do many things. We must look after our bodies and treat them well. We must also only use our bodies for good and never to hurt others.
If needed in your family discuss how our bodies need to behave to be reverent. What things should our bodies do at certain times {in school and church}
Mouth—Speak quietly, smile, sing songs, pray, keep closed when someone else is talking.
Eyes—Look at the teacher or speaker, close during the prayer.
Hands and arms—Hold still, raise to answer a question, fold during prayer.
Feet and legs—Walk quietly, hold still.
Ears—Listen to what is being said
Have children look in a mirror and name parts of their face/body they can see.
Alternatively have them say "I am thankful for my ears, I am thankful for my nose etc"
Draw a picture of themselves
colouring IN
Closing Song: I am a Child of God #2
Closing Prayer: Child
Make smilie face biscuits using icing and then stick on m&m's for eyes and jelly beans for mouth, or similar.

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