Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Outdoor Movie Night

Ever since we got our projector I have been dreaming of hosting outdoor movie nights!

How Fun!!

It has taken about a year or so to finally do it!
{excuses range from not being prepared to make invitations and choose a date in advance, rain, sun up too late in summer, too cold in winter, too busy/full calendar, just plain unorganised}

I really wanted to back in Sept/Oct but never did. Then in Summer the sun is up too late and starting a movie at 8:30 is too late for little ones {and ahem me - I'd probably fall asleep!}

So it was great that for her 13th birthday our daughter wanted to host an outdoor movie night.

We've finally done it! {and by WE I mean The Mr who had to set it all up. I don't do tech.}

Easy and Cheap as we had all we needed.

While I drooled over pinterest - the stuff dreams are made of!
{20 matching chairs! outdoor couches! 20 beanbags! Massive trees with fairy lights!
Perfectly co ordinated everything! Colour themes!}

Alas I live in REAL PARTY WORLD and Sometimes you just gotta face facts that nothing will ever be that perfect unless you hire some expensive catering party company. Someone needs to start a regular normal people party ideas blog {I'm sure its out there}

My pictures don't do it justice but I think we pulled together a pretty good night.
A few of the guests complimented the house and set up, so I'll take that as success.

We made it easy on ourselves and ordered in Pizza.
I organised a concession stand with chips, chocolate bars and soft drink and lots of popcorn.

We laid out 3 mattresses and had about 8 chairs. We also had some kids choose to sit on the deck stairs.

We strung some fairy lights and bunting.

For an outdoor movie you will need:

 a screen {I've used a sheet before}
laptop or something to play your movie from.

and end the night with shadow puppets and music videos.

We survived our first teenage party! {they were sweet darlings!}

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Just ME said...

Wow Bobbie!! You're awesome. xo

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