Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Parable of the Bunnies

There are a lot of blogs I admire

There are a few I go to get inspiration for family traditions, family time, things to do with kids.

It seems discouraging when I see kids whittling wood, play instruments, kids that know how to knit, sew, trial several art techniques, Kids building stuff, kids spending all day outside,  kids who seem to spend all day creating.

I hate dislike it very much when I suggest an activity to my kids and they pooh pooh the idea.

They don't even want to try. Not interested.

I'm here and ready to teach them but if it requires trying they don't want to.

Now no ones life is perfect so you should never compare yours to someone else's but occasionally it does get me down that we seem to busy with school, homework, computers, eating and cleaning, being lazy, letting life live us to get to learning what I think are sometimes essential life skills.

This week I saw some easy handsewn bunnies and I thought it would be good practice for the girls since they haven't sewn anything since their Christmas pillowcases.
{and handsewing is different to machine sewing}

But of course no one was interested. No begging or cajoling on my side could get them to do it.

Too tired
we don't want to
just finishing up this... on the computer
just want to do nothing on the weekend

I let it go but did leave them with a terse parting

After dinner you WILL sew a Bunny!! Non negotiable!!

then went to my room in shock ~ the things you never think will come out of your mouth as a parent

YOU WILL SEW A BUNNY! {ha ha ha ha}

Then once time had passed and we were calm  and set up and ready to roll the comments started.

Actually sewing is kinda relaxing.

I want to make more. Cut more out!!

This is nice.

To which I said 'yes.it is!'
See! All I want is to teach you about one new craft/technique a month.
Will you please just do things when I want to show you how?

'Once a month? That's not often enough!
We should sew every week. It's just that we don't have time to fit everything in. It's unfair.'


Then there was bedtime resisting and I want to keep making bunnies!
I want to make bunnies for gifts for my whole class!

Then there was cajoling of a different kind going on.
Time to finish, time for bed, you can make more another day... etc..

All my own fault lol.

Now apparently I have till Friday to help them make 55 bunnies as class gifts.

Why. Why is life like this?

I don't believe in forcing kids to do things they aren't really interested in. I've had plenty of failed attempts at family activities. We also rarely do paid extra curricular activities as I'm personally not a fan, we aren't focused on any particular pursuits, we really aren't achievers here, just mediocre...

BUT .... BUT

There must be some sort of gentle force applied to get kids to do stuff.

That will be benefit them in the long run.

And its seems like they wish for us to do it, because once they do finally do something they act as if well this was fun, why aren't we doing this all the time????
{they are soo like me. I never did things as a child either}

I almost feel like time is running out with my older kids. You won't be here forever.

The reason I am a stay at home mum is to be here with them, to teach them stuff.
To show them that spending time with them is the most important thing to me.

These Bunnies, this simple craft idea really spoke to me this week.

Its the parable of the bunnies running through my mind.

I must try to gently coral  my children to a place where they are open to work and try new things.

This is my goal.

Thank you Bunnies!!

In all honesty it's the electronic down time that probably has to go but they always seem so tired after school. I feel I'm terrible at setting limits but I do agree with them - there DOESN'T seem to be enough hours in the day to do all that I would prefer.

I don't think kids like living to my schedule, but if left to them their schedule would be do nothing.

I would love to have a space big enough to leave out projects so they can come and go as their interest piques. But we can't. All projects must be put away each day if we are to have room to eat.

So I'm looking at creating a list. No time frame but a list of things that I want to practice this year.

Perhaps if we are lucky and see the list reminding us we will be able to find those precious fleeting times WHEN We are ALL READY and EAGER and WILLING TO LEARN! That we will be able to grab those moments by the horns and do and learn. That we will feel we live full and satisfying lives.

The List for This year:

Wood carving.
I want the girls how to whittle wood so bad. I just need to buy some knives and soft wood

More art techniques {we need to move past houses, flowers, cats and dragons}

Cooking {a house of girls and no one has the cooking love}

Touch Typing

Teach my youngest to ride a bike. Then finally after 12 years everyone will be able to ride a bike.

Knitting or Crocheting {problem as I don't know how to do either}

Sewing. - maybe a quilt

Gardening - definitely more for me, I don't have a love for the garden.

Evening Walks

This is more than plenty to keep us busy this year.

What things do YOU want to teach your kids this year?

How do you gently encourage your children to do more?
Try something new?
Get away from the digital distractions?

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