Sunday, June 15, 2014

FHE Lesson {Staying Connected to Heavenly Father}

Opening Prayer: Child
This lesson based on this article from June 2014 Friend Magazine page 42
Why do boats have to be tied up well when not in use?
If boat is not tied well it can get loose, float away, or be torn away during storm and smashed.
Like a boat how does Heavenly Father help us stay tied to him so we can be safe?
Heavenly Father loves us so much and sent us to be here in families.
We must love eachother and keep eachother safe and tight.
He also gives us ordinances to stay connected to him.
Baptism, sacrament, confirmation, temple marriage, blessings.
Choose from below
Print these Cards pg 43 of June 2014 Friend Magazine on staying connected to Heavenly Father. 
Use them to play Memory/Match.
Using some rope tie some things {sticks etc} together. With each ordinance mentioned loop around the sticks and tie a knot. Continue through each ordinance and things Heavenly Father has placed in our lives to keep us safe. Check how strongly the sticks are tied together. Comment how this is how we are kept close to Heavenly Father, this is how our family can be strong together. 
Read Matthew 18:18.
If you have toy boats (or make some paper ones) put them in a tub of water. Tie some boats to a mooring and have some not and make waves and have them lost at sea. 
Alternatively make a tiny leaf boat/ plastic cap boat and tie one to the side of the gutter. Using buckets of water send another boat down the gutter and into the drain. Talk about how it is important to a boat to be secure when not in use. We also need to be careful in our life not to drift away. We can be a boat in use heading in the right direction doing work. But we must also be careful to always be securely tied to what we know is right.
Closing Prayer:
Treat: Fruit String/Ropes

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