Thursday, July 31, 2014


I try to be organised. I do try.

We had the missionaries teach her the discussions.
To make sure she knew what she was committing to.

We organised Grandma to sew a gorgeous dress.
With BIG BOW per request.

Pre Baptism Photo Shoot  (probably not entirely necessary as I had the amazing Elizabeth from White Acre Photography photography take some photos on the day)

Big Sisters assigned to do the talks.

Primary friends assigned to sing.

Awesome friends in charge of kitchen and food.

Invites to the ward and school friends.

But whoops I forgot to invite anyone else who may have wanted to come along.
I also forgot to organise a chorister. Lucky for friends who just jump up and do it unasked!

Preparing for big life events like these can be hard. And Busy.

But I'm so glad most of it went pretty perfectly and she had a happy day.




Gorgeous photos above courtesy of White Acre Photography

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