Tuesday, August 12, 2014

5 Years


Oh this girl just had the best birthday.

When questioned at Kindy if she would do something/wear something special for her birthday she told her teacher in an incredulous manner

'Umm wear my number 5 birthday shirt of course.. dah!'

When talking to the teacher about it I laughed and said yes my girls might not realise that its not a normal thing to wear a number shirt on your birthday. They probably think everyone does this.

She chose pancakes.

She got a million lalaloopsy dolls
a babyalive that licks an icecream,
a mini octonauts gup and
homemade my little pony masks

We had errands at the coast so she got a day at the beach, jumping on the jumping pillow and a cupcake (I'm terrible with providing birthday cakes as we put candles in our breakfast!)

We have not been to Southport Broadwater Parklands and it was awesome.
I loved lazing in the sun reading a book.
Taking one child somewhere for their birthday is a dream. So easy.
But could this be my last, one child, school day, birthday? *sniff*

She was so happy all day, saying this was the best birthday.

We had to make a no climbing on the roof under 5 rule a few years back for our more adventurous children. We were reminded by them that someone was turning 5. So that evening she got to go on the roof! What an age marker, what a funny tradition, what a coming of age ritual! Only in this family I tell you! She was very excited and has now asked me daily since if she can go on the roof!

And that is how one turns 5.

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