Sunday, August 17, 2014

FHE Lesson {Home a Holy Place}

Opening Song: Here we are Together #261

Opening Prayer: Child



This lesson inspired from  A Happy Home November 2009 Friend Magazine pg 25

Our homes should be one of the holiest places on earth. Just like the temple or church our homes should also be considered holy places. Do you consider our home a holy place?

There are many things that we can do to make our home holy and full of love.
What things make our house this way already?
What suggestions do you have to make our home more holy?

Print and Cut out the above house pieces here .
Alternatively draw your own house or make one out of lego.

As you draw or put together the above house read out sections of what can make a happy home.

Use the headings listed or create your own of what you think makes a happy home.

Jesus teaches when we serve others we are also serving Him. Serving in our family, shows we love eachother and want everyone to be happy. We will strengthen eachother and then we can help others. Service brings joy and gratitude and happiness into our lives and the lives of those we serve.

Sometimes it is hard to live in a family. Sometimes we are going to hurt or annoy eachother. Forgiving others and saying sorry when we do wrong is an important part of a happy home.

Having faith in Jesus Christ in an important gospel principal. Doing what is right and following the commandments will help us to  have a holy home.

Houses need strong foundations to stay up and so does a family. We need to be kind and support one another. Loving and supporting the members in our family keeps us strong and able to withstand hard times.

Family Prayer can bring us closer together as we are united in talking to and thanking Heavenly Father for all our blessings. Having common things for us to pray for {family, the sick, challenges}unites our family.

Add more of your own eg

Scripture study:
Daily Scripture Study will help our family. We will be reminded of the words of Christ and Prophets. Scriptures can give us answers for daily problems we may face.

When we love eachother and know that Home is our safe happy place for all family members we will become a stronger happier family.

Looking after our home and working together creates a clean place. When things are in order our lives can run more smoothly and happily.

Spending time together creates a happy holy home. If we use our home as just a hotel we may be physically in the same place but not emotionally. We can be happier by choosing to spend our time in wholesome recreational activities together. Lets think of ways our family can spend better time together.

We are blessed to have the families and homes we have been given.
Lets find ways to make our home more holy and happy.

Making your home a holy place Funstuff Activity

Continue to play/ build homes out of blocks/lego

Closing Song: Families Can Be Together Forever #188

Closing Prayer: Child


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