Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Camping - Somerset Park Campground

I can't believe it - but its been a year since we've been camping!

Once again not very organised and madly ringing places to find somewhere to camp.

All the places we rang said they were full.

So my dad took it into his own hands and drove off in his mobile home till he found a place.
The minute they found one they rang me and I packed up the kids to join them.

This was my first time camping without the MR!

I felt so brave driving the car full to the brim through the bush on my own! {I'm such wimp I know!}

This time we camped at Somerset Park Campground

It was a lovely couple of days and the kids were great.

Maybe I've reached the magical age of where it is pretty easy to take kids camping.

No injuries, all sleeping through the night, well behaved and fairly helpful around camp!

The only problem was a blow up mattress problem.
The bed I was sharing with two kids refused to stay inflated :(

After initially being told the campground didn't allow fires we were so happy to find every second camp had a metal drum fire. Lucky for the kid that insisted I bring marshmallows regardless!

Animals spotted : Lots of cows, horses, 5 Kangaroo's, Kookaburras, lots of birds



The camp ground was very neat, FLAT {yay}, clean toilets/showers {but needed gold coins for hot showers} quiet and small very near the dam wall, only 1km from the spit/boat ramp which meant there were lots of people with boats at our campground.

Overall I had a very enjoyable few days.

Thanks to my parents for organizing, dad for washing dishes every meal and mum for cooking on her stove in the mobile home. Makes camping a treat :)

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