Sunday, November 2, 2014

FHE Lesson {Prayer}


Opening Song: Hymn: Did you think to Pray

Opening Prayer : Child


Show a picture of Enos praying.
- What is happening here?
- What is he doing?
- Why is he doing it?

Tell me all the times you can think of when Jesus Prayed

Garden of Gethsemene
Last Supper - Sacrament
Sermon on the mount: The Lords Prayer
On the Cross: Forgive them
40 Days Fasting

Show pictures of these if you wish

Watch lds bible video:  Sermon on the Mount: The Lords Prayer

When do you pray?
How often do you pray?
What do you pray for?
Where should we pray?

Visual Demonstration
Put a set of scriptures in to a shoebox.
- How can you find out what is in this box without touching it?
(Ask the person who knows what's in it.)
Open the box.
Heavenly Father knows the answers. He can lead us to places like the scriptures to find the answers we need.

Watch video Joseph Millet story
What did you notice about the video?
Why was Brother Hall praying?
Why did the man come to Joseph Millet? (He was directed to)
Why was Joseph Millet emotional? (Even though Joseph was already prepared to give flour to Brother Hall, he recognised that the Lord knew him)

What can we pray for?
Elder Holland's talk in General Conference spoke about praying about his future wife while he was still a teenager.
We should prayer for our future as well as for things that are here and now.

Bear Testimony on the importance of prayer as a means to communicate with the Lord.

Closing Song: A Childs Prayer

Closing Prayer:

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