Monday, December 29, 2014

FHE Lesson {New Year/Resolutions/Planning}

One of our favourite FHE lessons. We've done this for a few years now.

Opening Song:

Opening Prayer:


Talk about the year in review.
Ask children to mention some of their favourite things of 2014.
Here is a Year in Review Questionaire for older kids so inclined to fill in answers
(and you can keep them over the years)

Get children to list things they would like to DO this coming year 2015

eg my kids come up with {last year} :

Visit Planetarium
Visit favourite Parks
mentioned a few of their favourite family traditions

We decided that we had enough activities for half a year and will designate one saturday a month to check off the above activities.

Via design mom I heard about these fun questions to ask your children, fill out as a questionnaire.
{and keep their replies to look back on over the years}

This year:

Something I want to do
Something I want to read
Somewhere I want to go
something I want to be better at
Something I want

Maybe you can also include:
spiritual goals: {prayers, scripture reading, holding regular FHE etc}
physical goals: {games to play with kids, daily walks together etc}
Places to go:
Mental health/organizational goals: {kids helping with chores}

Write goals on a Calendar or large piece of paper to keep in view.

 Have fun planning out an awesome year! I find written down goals seem to happen more and better!


We have little voice snippets/video segments of our children saying "Hi my name is ____ I am ____ years old. My favourite thing is ____ . I go to______ school. I love to do______ . It is so fun to look back on the old ones and how they used to sound. Our 7 year old was mimicking her 4 year old voice after we did this activity. She was surprised at how 'babyish' she sounded.

Since we only have a couple of these random snippets we thought it might be a nice thing to record each year. Around New Years would be a good day for it?
We said our names, ages, where we live, what we like to do, favourite things.
Each segment lasted about 30secs to 1min.
This is one of our kids favourite things and they have asked about them, saying where is that video about me from when I was ..... old?

Make a family time capsule to store all your comments/questionnaires in for the year and the coming years.

Closing Song:

Closing Prayer:

Treat: Have a mini new year party with sparkling drink and sparklers


Unknown said...

What a great idea! Can't wait to do this tonight with the family!

Unknown said...

What a fun idea! Can't wait to do this with the family tonight!

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