Sunday, January 25, 2015

Back to School Dinner 2015

It was hot and I was tired and feeling a bit unwell
but the kids and The Mr pulled off our annual back to school dinner.

It's so nice when the kids get on board and excited and do your traditions for you!

Miss K even got up and offered to make dessert.
None of my kids love cooking or food prep so this made me so so happy.
Plus the crème Brulee was delish.

I read out the list of ideas I had for themes here and the girls decided that the first one sounded best.


So they set off to work making little signs and I made some tiny banners that read

He that seeketh findeth {Matt 7:8}

They chose blue and green tablecloths which represent their school colours.

We got out the crystal goblets.

We had some old school books of mine to look through.

We discussed our favourite and not so favourite things about school, memories, teachers, playground games.

Each girl received a Fathers Blessing and we encouraged them in their education for this year.

It was fun and relaxed evening. It was great to reminisce about my school and to hear my kids speak about theirs. We talked about being lucky to have free education, that school is an option.

We are blessed.

And everything is better with drinks umbrella's.

{thanks grandma - Miss G's item she took from Grandmas put to great use}

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