Sunday, February 22, 2015

FHE Lesson {Revelation/Patterns of Light}

This lesson based on a favourite talk Spirit of Revelation April 2011 General Conference

Opening Song: Search Ponder and Pray #109

Opening Prayer:


Watch this 2 min video Patterns of Light  by Elder Bednar  {Part 3 of 3}

Revelation is communication from God to his children on earth.
We can all have this illumination to guide us all through life.

What is revelation and how do we get it?

You are entitled to revelation for your life,
mum and dad for this family,
the Bishop for the ward,
the Prophet for the church.

Would you like to receive revelation to guide you in your life?

Have some pictures/draw/ object lesson for the following:

Light Switch {turn light on and off}
Some revelation from God is like a light switch.
Quick, Sudden, Darkness gone immediately, we can see clearly instantly.
This can and does happen in our lives but is often the more rare kind.

Revelation like a sunrise is gradual, you can see the light is coming but you still may be in dark, the light rises slowly over the horizon. This type of Revelation is more common.

Revelation is often like a fog. You know there is light, you know you are not in the dark. However you can't see far ahead. You can only see ahead a few steps. However your path/decisions can light up for those few steps. As you carry on, the next few steps are illuminated and the light always follows.

Have you had revelation/an answer to your prayers in your life?

Was it like these examples above? Which one?

How can we continue to have revelation in our lives?

Closing Song: I Pray in Faith #14

Closing Prayer: Child


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