Saturday, June 13, 2015

Fabric Marker {Number Birthday Shirts}

I saw this idea this week for a Personalised Letter Shirt and thought perfect for our birthday shirts.

Which is lucky as I was just thinking this week I need to get onto that.

There are birthdays coming up!

And how lucky that we could use the same stencil. We have a 9 and 6 year old!

Buy a plain white Tshirt.

Print out a number

Use a Stanley knife to cut out the number.

Stick Stencil onto shirt

Use fabric markers to decorate

I didn't have any contact but laying a piece over the hole and then cutting the number out leaving a small border so it will stick onto your shirt would be perfect. I used sticky tape to create a little sticky border to help it stick on the tshirt, as I knew the kids wouldn't be able to keep the stencil on the shirt without moving. We also used double sided tape to stick down the circle in the middle of the 9/6

We placed a piece of cardboard between the layers of the shirt so it didn't bleed through and to give a hard surface to draw on.

Using Fabric markers (our local store was sold out of felt markers, so we had to use fabric crayons) draw lines all over the stencil. Our tshirt stretched a bit - catching on the crayons. I helped by keeping the tshirt firm in place.

When you lift off the stencil you should have a lovely number left behind.

When I said I wanted to photograph them the girls went and styled themselves like this:

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