Friday, August 28, 2015

Ekka 2015

The Ekka. Pure Carney Goodness.

 ^^ The Mr taking one for the team. I don't do rides. esp upside down ones.
One very sad daughter who was too short to ride this with her sister. They had a pact.

^^ My adrenaline girls. Third from top. Love their rides.

^^Strawberry Cones. A must. I had to share.

 ^^ Kids cant get enough of this one. It has become a must. The guy looks at me strange why am I photographing so many children... I said four of them are mine.. he looked shocked.

^^  The dog, the dog. #2 was better.

^^ Monster Trucks and flipping motorbikes and fireworks are always a joy
 ^^ Thanks Brisbane. You rock.
Another year's EKKA done and dusted.
Thanks to the grandma's and parents and kids money boxes to fund a day at the show.
(Cause you need a GO FUND ME these days to afford it!)
We braved the Ekka on the public holiday as it was literally the only day we were available to go. When I explained that maybe we couldn't go this year I was met with death stares. What doth you say? Not going to the Ekka is incomprehensible. So now I have had my first experience of Ekka Wednesday and I will tell you - NEVER AGAIN! We missed out on too much stuff (ie the free stuff) because lines were just way too long. The crowd was too much, felt like spent the whole day pushing an ocean of people around. Luckily my kids are all grown now and it wasn't too terrible (ie didn't lose anyone) but also wasn't the most enjoyable. I went the next day for work and not a crowd in sight, easy to look at everything (so note - go the day AFTER the public holiday)
Lucky me got TWO Days in a row at the EKKA. I can die a happy woman.
A woman with two dagwood dogs
(the second one was way better. I've got a thing about batter to dog ratio...)

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