Thursday, October 8, 2015

The second Shift

Sometimes I fantasize about going out between the hours of 2:30-7pm

Umm Really....

I feel so blessed to have been a stay at home mum for many years.

Now I feel blessed to have been able to find part time school hours employment the past few years.

But sometimes I feel I miss that whole other day that's contained within each day.

Like a Whole 5 hours!

Occasionally, very occasionally I get to experience it...

and its WONDERFUL!

Seriously the things one can do! Oh my, am I missing out!

I had a chance a month or so ago to be out alone in the afternoon on my way to setting up a dinner and I got to see a sunset. A gorgeous sunset, watching people out walking, exercising. People are actually out?! and not at home!  A cleansing feeling to the end of day. Gee it was nice.
{why does my house have to be downhill, with no views, facing mainly walls?}

Once on my birthday we started with breakfast at a cafe, sight seeing, walking, city cat, musuems, lunch, walking, shopping, art gallery, dinner, movie. That day felt like it went FOREVER. Didn't have to cut it short by 2pm to start to head home for school pick up.

This holidays I got another glimpse of that feeling when heading to the beach at 2pm. Relaxing, swimming, meeting with family. Then slowly thinking about heading back doing our thing.
Watching the sunset as we drive.

It's surely a blessing to have routine. To have a wonderful home to head home to. To be able to rest from school and work. To have afternoon tea and to start homework. To have baths and to eat dinner and read books and head to bed.

But sometimes that routine feels like it equals a part time job. Which it does.
A job that's been going for 15 years.

Sometimes I dream of doing things and going places between 2 -7pm

One Day I'll get my second shift.

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