Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Advent Candle

I've wanted an Advent Candle for a few years.

I was worried we would either burn it for too long, or not be home often enough to burn it each day.

So I never got around to it.

Then I figured who cares!

I was so excited to see one for sale - I snapped it up.  {bought Here}

However I thought it would be easy to make one yourself.
In 5 mins I made one from supplies I had at home.

The generic household candles I had in our emergency box weren't particularly tall, so I could only fit 12 days on it. But everyone knows I'm a fan of 12 day countdowns too ;)

Then all I needed was a metallic pen which aldi were selling 2 for $1.99!!

This homemade advent candle probably cost 40 cents to produce.

Now to see if we can follow the ritual of  burning the candle a little each day for Advent.
I thought it might go along well with our  Family Reflections Advent Calendar Questions.
A time to pause and reflect each day by candlelight.

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