Thursday, November 12, 2015

Bubble Wrap POP Advent

When I saw THIS advent calendar I just Knew I HAD to make one.

BubbleWrap POP Advent"

It is very easy. Grab some cardstock, christmas picture and  bubblewrap.

Print a christmas picture. I think a tree is best but any picture would do really. 
As long as you can fit 25 numbers on it. I printed on gloss photo paper.

Stick your photo some cardstock of your choosing.

Staple some bubble wrap on top.

Lifting your bubble wrap find some strategic places for the numbers 1-25.
I tried to make the numbers correspond as close as possible to a 'bubble'

Each day pop a bubble as your count down to Christmas.

I've popped a few bubbles outside to main picture to check if it works.
I do think it will be hard to stop at ONE per day :)

Happy Poppin' Christmas!

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