Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas Books {Family Tradition}

We already have our Christmas books out and are reading them.
We have a tradition to read a Christmas book each night in December.

The last year or two my older girls haven't really been as interested {thats ok. They are growing up} so I've mainly read to my younger two children.

However this year I was so happy when they came and gathered round and joined in.
It's happened a couple times now and my heart just melted.

I haven't bothered to wrap our books this year {previously been wrapped with wrapping paper, then painted newspaper (so it wouldn't feel so wasteful) to our fabric Christmas bags/pillowcases, last year all in a basket under the tree.} This year they are all just on one shelf next to our nativity sets. Though I do like this idea : books as trees or stack like a christmas tree

Here our some of our favourite books

Christmas on Exeter Street

Christmas in Noisy Village

Mr Willowby's Christmas Tree

Christmas in Big Woods {Little house on the Prairie}

Once there was a Christmas Tree

Christmas Trolls

Madeline's Christmas


The Little Fir Tree

Eloise at Christmastime

Christmas Cobwebs

Berenstain Bears Christmas Tree

The Night before Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

The Christmas Wish

Nativity Books

I usually order at sales or mid year. I try to only limit myself to 2-4 christmas books each year.
Most of these books can't be found in stores here so I use Book depository with free shipping.

Happy Reading! Oh how I LOVE Christmas illustrations.

What is your favourite Christmas book recommendation?

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AnnalisaG said...

Our newest favorite is Red Ranger Came Calling by Berkeley Breathed. We discovered it over the summer and I have bought one for each of my siblings with kids this Christmas. Love your posts! Thanks for writing!

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