Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Pillowcases {A tradition}

We made these back in November, so I'm late in posting.
 I'm really only sharing because the woodland pillow is just too darn cute.
This year I didn't let my kids go on a shopping trip and choose fabric. We were just too busy and I had 4 fabrics left over from last year and bought as sales throughout the year. So I made them choose. Miss 6 declared she only ever wants her very pink candy cane and gingerbread men cases from past years. So this year she didn't get one. She's had the candy cane out most of the year anyway! 

^^ We mustn't have sewn anything this year as they were apprehensive! Back to practicing! 

^^ I love the woodland but the penguin one is great too.

Here is a past pillowcase tutorial I made if you want to make your own

just under 1 metre of christmas material per pillowcase
Sewing machine and cotton

Use an existing pillowcase to use as a guide. I folded my material in half and then laid the pillowcase on top. I then cut around the pillowcase {leaving 2cm border for sewing} and having a 15cm extra on the top {which will be the 'flap' that keeps the pillow inside}

After cutting around the guide pillowcase you will now have two pieces of material. 
I trim one so it is shorter than the other. The longer piece forms the flap. 

Hem the top of shorter piece with a fat hem {around 4-5 cm}
Hem the top of the longer piece with a small hem {around 1cm}
I hem by just folding the material over twice to capture the raw edges.

So now you will have two pieces of fabric that have only the top {short edge} hemmed.
Place material pieces together right sides facing inwards
Then fold the longer piece over the shorter piece so its like an envelope
Now straight stitch around three of the sides of the pillowcase. NOT where the flap is!
Then zig zag around the same three sides to prevent fraying. 
If you have an overlocker... do it in that!!

And now you are done and you turn the pillowcase back right sides out!! 


Your first pillowcase will probably take a little while to work out...
but once you've done it a few times you can make these things in 10 mins! 
very easy to sew and satisfying to make.

and soon enough you'll have a big pile like me.

and lots of wonderful Christmas Dreams.......

now I think I need to make me one to rest my head on!


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