Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I would never thought that I would have two holidays within a month of each other.

Never happened ever!

I was super excited when all the stars aligned
{no work commitments, babysitting sorted, OUR birthdays, flights on points, work hotel}
Like ALL the stars aligned.
Unheard of ;) and I was able to go to Melbourne for my birthday!
I talk {beg} of joining The Mr on work trips ALL THE TIME {poor guy} so its nice to really happen

 ^^ Novotel was great! Large rooms, good breakfast. Pillows and sheets are amazing.
I googled to see if you could buy them - MyBed (Yikes!) 

 ^^Hosier Lane

 ^^ Late sunsets are so weird to me. Kept thinking it was early. Was shocked when Lindt wasn't almost going to let us sit and eat cake for The Mr's birthday on a friday night as it was almost 'closing time' pfftt. Then we felt we had to rush.

 ^^ Cause I love Advent Calendars. The city horses are adorable but I hope they are treated nice I feel a bit sorry for them always around exhaust fumes and cars - but gave a magical touch to the city.

 ^^ Birthday. I bought the candles all the way from home. I arrived after a long week at work.

 ^^ My birthday breakfast The Hardware Societe trendy little cafe.

 ^^ Duck and Hollandaise eggs on brioche bun.
Yoghurt, musli, croissant,  the vanilla peaches and raspberry were yum

 ^^ Hopetoun Tea Rooms. SO MUCH FOOD in Melbourne. It's a shame there isn't time to eat it all.

 ^^ NGV National Gallery of Victoria.

 ^^ Interactive installment at NGV. Running in the mist was fun. It kept disappearing while we were trying to get photo's of us  though :(  There was a model doing a shoot in the mist by the trees.

 ^^ Ai Weiwei and Andy Warhol installments on at the moment.

^^ Trying to capture the rainbow. NGV has waterfall glass.

 ^^ My Birthday 'Cake'(s)

 ^^ Luna Park Just because.

 ^^ Botanic Gardens

 ^^ War Memorial. Shrine of Remembrance. It was really moving on a Sunday morning.

 ^^ The view of Melbourne from on top the War Memorial is the Best!

^^ Hard to see but the tiny white building middle of photo has a 'face on it' someone pointed it out while we were up the top.   See Here for close up - pretty neat if you ask me!

 ^^ Love the trees in Melbourne.

 ^^ Bye Bye. Hard to see but there were beautiful air balloons and sunrise view from the taxi as we left. It was gorgeous. I felt like I was in a movie. Very sad to leave. I didn't get to eat all things yet!

 ^^ Home again Home again.

^^ My darlings met me with the amazing cake for my belated birthday. Miss them but the weekend away was sooo good!

See my last Trip to Melbourne here.

This time:
Eat Eat Eat - Italian and Greek food this time.
We walked every street of the city.
National Gallery of Victoria
Botanic Gardens
St Kilda - Beach, Bakery Row, Luna Park
Train out to 'almost' Geelong :)

Sadly I had the same problem again. Didn't buy anything! Nothing! {other than food of course}
Why am I so fail at buying something to remember a trip by/ or splurging a gift????

I dream of a jet setting life with plenty of money to spend on hotel rooms and food and entertainment! oh well.  Where to next?

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