Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sunrise 2016

Each year we try to see the sunrise at least once 2010  2011 2012  2013 2014  (didn't blog 2015)

This year we decided Good Friday was the day.

And it was a good one!

^^ Leaving home 5am

 ^^ A plane flew over adding to the awesomeness. The trail stayed for ages.

^^ We took our own wood because having a fire in a wood bbq is the best. This weekend we were able to feel like camping without going camping which is great because we are unable to do so this year. It feels so good to get up to see the sunrise. It also felt good to have a nap at 10am cause I was tired!

1 comment:

Vera said...

Beautiful pictures!

I habe been reading your blog for years, but don't comment often. Hope you don't mind me reading.

You live in a beautiful country :-)

* Vera *

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