Monday, November 21, 2016

FHE Lesson {Advent}

There are lots of ways to count down till Christmas.
Our family has several.
It's great to do a spiritual one in the lead up to Christmas too.

This year I am hoping to do this one each evening for scripture reading:
Scripture Advent and candle

We just used our Christ Centred Advent from previous years tonight.
Daily life of Jesus Tag to hang up and a questions game for a FHE included

Or try the 4 Sundays (or Mondays) Advent one each week the month of December with an Advent wreath and candle. or Here

This year I am going to be using this service Flip Frame Advent
Each day the advent calendar will an act of service or kindness per day

Here are some of the acts of service that I liked 
{I wanted easy achievable ones for the month}

Give someone a compliment today
Smile at people
Make dinner for someone in need
Give cookies to friends
Leave a finished book you've read in a public spot for someone else to enjoy
Pick up rubbish in a local park/roadside etc
Mail a card to someone you haven't seen in a while
Leave coins at a laundromat/shopping centre ride ons/vending machine
Find a local home with best Christmas lights and leave a thankyou note
Give sincere thanks to a teacher and maybe a little gift {school or church or music}
Offer to babysit for a family that needs it
Write a letter to a loved one
Leave anonymous happy notes in public places
Invite a new friend out/over
Let someone ahead of you in a line
Leave stamps for someone to find at the post office
Leave happy chalk messages around your neighbourhood
Wash a car

Introduce what your advent calendar will be this year.

Tonight we went through the Church's 
Light the World Campaign and watched the Light the world video and went through the days on the advent calendar and the suggested activities. 
The children suggested some of their own ideas. 

We put up the pictures for each day found HERE on the computer.

Then we read out each saying etc "Jesus showed can you"   
'Jesus Healed the sick.. so can you'  then read out the suggested acts of service.

Tell the children that you hope to do some of the things listed on the Light the World Advent Calendar each day in December.

Light the world Advent Calendar found Here  (scroll down)

I love these little advent journals  Here  {these might work well with older kids}

Enjoy  this time to connect as a family and have a spiritual advent leading to Christmas.

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