Saturday, February 16, 2008

Caught out by the Local Governement

I am in the bathroom straigtening my hair, getting ready for an engagement party.... I hear a ladies voice say to my kids on the varandah...

"Is mummy or daddy home?"
"MUUUUMM.... there is a lady at the door!"

As I walk the hall I see an older lady talking to the children. As soon as I get into the light I see that it is our local government representative Helen Abrahams.

I have hair straight on one side, bouncy on the other, 2 of the children are only wearing underwear. The older two have been playing with lipstick while I was doing my hair... and with my kids it is usually all or nothing - so they both have huge clown type lips, I look at this scene as I go to the door and all I come out with is

"Girls .. this is Helen Abrahams she works in the government."

The girls look at me and then her, nod their approval and go back to playing. How embarrassing to be caught out like this. Helen asks any opinions I might have for the area and comments that she had 3 sons, we talk and they are exactly same years apart. 6,4, 1.... I say well 2 close together makes you leave a gap before the third. She was surprised I knew who she was, and asked how, as most people don't. Just from the brochure and the local paper (I sometimes have a photographic memory for completely useless information - though came good this time - useless facts and celebrity garbage but unfortunely this ability doesn't extend to the scriptures or church quotes)
And that was the day the local government Rep caught us in our underwear, bad lipstick and bad hair.

1 comment:

Janell said...

=) I'll bet she was impressed you knew who she was was and not at all disturbed by the underware-clad clown faces!!! (funny photo!)

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