Sunday, February 17, 2008

GIVING..... what can YOU do?

"Everyone can be Great because everyone can serve" - M.L.King.

"The world is awash in divisions rooted in the human compulsion to believe our differences are more important than our common humanity - the next time you are tempted to give in to the thinking - that you can't make a difference with your time, money, or new beginnings - remember what has been done here"

I have just finished reading "Giving" by Bill Clinton. It pretty much tells how you as an individual can help change the world.

It was a great "give you a kick in the pants/ movitvational" read. So thus I am now looking for... people/places/organisations/etc.... to give my.... time/money/things/etc to.....

However I NEED HELP!! So if you or your... family/friends/aquaintances/pets/etc.... know of somewhere/someone I can help, or an idea I can start please forward your ideas onto me or leave a message.

I recommend reading Giving, though I will warn that it can get a little tedious as it is just like a philanthropic university paper, listing indiduals/groups/corporations that are making fantastic contributions throughout the world. It does tell their stories, so there are a few amazing tales of what YOU can accomplish if you try. Anyways I loved the premise/idea of the book, so am glad I have read it and now motivated to try something. Look at for one of the organisations listed.

Now I will leave you with a clip of a little baby that has made a difference in the world, and that if we have nothing else, the one thing we can give is love. Check out this link (I got off a friends cousins blog) it is very moving and you wont be the same person after you have watched it.

Hopefully together we can all change the world!


Janell said...

I know that there is a bit more red-tape to get through in Australia as far as volunteer work goes in some organizations - so I don't know how hard this would be for you guys, but I take the kids to visit an assisted living facility here in town once a week for an hour. The people we visit all have memory problems, but we love going there (however, every week it is the biggest hassle to get all the kids ready and out there - but worth it!) I bring a bag of toys for the older kids to play with so they can kind of interact with everyone, and Jaiden is passed around from one Granny to the next - they especially love the baby!! But they get a kick out of the other two as well. I found this place in the yellow pages. They get as many as want to come out to the common room and the kids dump their toys out and start playing.

A friend I know delivers meals on wheels with her small children.

Anonymous said...

csethanks.. I have found a place at Kangaroo point.. i didnt think there were any in this area. We used to visit Kens Grandma (who died last year age 90) and all the people their loved the baby! one lady said she hadnt seen a baby in over 10 years!!

I dont have a car 5 and half days a week, so cant do meals on wheels - did that on my mini mission and loved it. keep that in mind *IF I get the car back if ken gets a job in the city.

Janell said...

Awesome! This is one of the most rewarding activities we do all week. But everytime it comes to go out, it really is the biggest hassle - Jaiden will be taking a nap, the kids will be cranky, I'm tired - it's amazing how forces work against you! But then we go out, and like you said, people will say they haven't held a baby in x years, and to see their smiles at the kids, so awesome!!! I want to have community service be a part of my children's lives - we'll see how it goes as they get older and more involved in activities, ets.

It would be nice to know what other people do with small children - so I hope you get more comments and ideas!!

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