Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ever had an Ugly Day?

Have you ever had a bad looking day? One that you didn't know about until you saw the photographic proof? How long did I look like that? Why didn't someone tell me? I find myself saying this often. It usually happens after I have actually spent some time trying to look good, hair, clothes makeup etc. Then you catch your reflection somewhere and you look hideous! I seem to have skin that sucks makeup up... I put it on and a few hours later it is all gone.... lipstick, blush, foundation - the lot... gone!!
Ok so I am not a supermodel, but these ugly days came to mind after reading a friend's blog about an "accidental" mullet haircut she received at the hands of a friend. There is so much tragedy out there. I still had braces when I went to the year 12 formal, though it didn't really matter at the time. Until years later a guy visiting our house saw the photo and said that I looked like "Josie Grosey"!! You know that Drew Barrymore character that has braces and goes back to school to become cool again! Break my heart (BTW the guy was single... DAH obviously he didn't know how to talk to girls)
Now you will probably all be kind and not say that the above photo is not shocking... but it is only a scan of the original, so I am sparing you all the gory details, but lets just say that the skin is blotchy red, my eyes are not in line, so if I tilt my head the wrong way, I look lopsided, and well I think I was too skinny at this time (2 small children close in age) and this photo was taken at my 25th birthday party - OUCH! Well I like to say, it was late, the lighting bad, and I always look bad in photos taken with a flash... so those are my excuses and I am sticking to them!
So to all my "sometimes" ugly friends out there... You are beautiful!


Janell said...

I have to remember that being a woman means having appearance issues sometimes - and that all women go through this - because sometimes it is really hard to belive that someone like YOU would ever feel like that. You are gorgeous! (by the way, I have photos that make this one of you look like a Miss America shot)

Anonymous said...

I have had plenty of those days and plenty of ugly photos, but the beautiful of now is I can delete them off my camera and nobody will ever see.. :-)

This Girl loves to Talk said...

yay! for digital cameras... take 20 shots and 1 works out!

Anonymous said...

If you look at gorgeous magazine covers it's easy to compare yourself with them and feel not so glamourous. Then there is the yummy mummy down the street that you might compare yourself to, she's way too perfect. Then there's your mother, the old "I think I look like my mother" stage, not a great moment.

I think it's part of our in built nature as a woman that has to look about and notice what works and what doesn't for other people. Its so easy to look around and make simple, harmless judgment, but, every now and then we forget to really look closely in the mirror. And we are shocked to find where in the "That doesn't work pile!"

However, every so often the trashy magazines print the "Stars Without Makeup" issue to even out the playing field and remind you that everyone has bad days.

And much to your relief I'm sure, no one is actually going to ask you, "ooooh bad day?"

Yes Bobbie, that was a bad photo and perhaps a bad moment. But surely you didn't look bad all day.

The beauty of digital is the delete button. The only camera function I can actually operate. Love Karyn

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