Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hottest day in 4 years?

Well today was Hot... it was very HOT!

It was also the last weekend of summer. It has been raining like nonstop all summer, so to have the last weekend of summer with clear skies and hot, everyone was hitting the beach and the pools. The news reports were filled with worries of too many people heading to the beach.

Well Ken was busy nearly all day with work, church and grocery shopping ( I have an awesome husband who has decided that since he should be the "hunter/gatherer" he is now going to do the shopping on saturdays to save me going with the kids and/or save me from walking for hours!)

So once he was free we set off to his parents for a swim. A lovely swim in perfect temp water. The kids had heaps of fun doing bombdives. Gabrielle just jumps in over and over again...even when you aren't looking... and she can't swim, so you gotta watch her... she is so crazy.

A perfect way to end the hottest day in 4 years.


Carolyn Adams said...

Wasn't today crazy hot?! I'm just looking at the picture of your cauliflower soup on the side there and it looks so professional!! You've sold me on it, I'll have to try it.

Janell said...

Pictures look like fun, but I have bad memories of those hot days!!

This Girl loves to Talk said...

Well that wasnt my photo :( sorry... I got it off the internet.. i think those are breadstick with guyere cheese or something fancy... but the soup does taste really good!

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