Monday, February 25, 2008

Life Ain't So Bad

Thanks for all of you who were worried about me, in the previous post about all our walking and the complaining that sometimes accompanies it. I will attempt to put your worries to rest and you can all sleep better now.

One of the upsides is that I get to walk past this view 4 times a day! For those of you who read this who go to the same church would know that this makes me smile and feel warm inside. I can't walk past without my spirits being lifted. Some days a big storm cloud is behind, some days glowing in golden sunset... but always beautiful.

So life isn't so bad... oh except that I am writing this at 3:50 am while I am up feeding Gabrielle cheese and milk to get her mind off the fact that I am refusing to nurse her anymore!

1 comment:

Janell said...

oh the nights getting up with kids - love the easter cupcakes idea!!

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