Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Less is More.... they haven't learnt yet!

Face painting drawn by her sister

Self administered mascara - whoops missed my eyelashes!

Self applied Lipstick - going for the clown look

They were "meant" to be painting on paper, while I had a rest, I come back 10 mins later to find this

'MY' blush applied to a little more than their cheeks

Yesterdays Hair effort - She wanted to wear all these to school
So I am still trying to teach my girls that Less is More - when it comes to makeup and accessories. I'm sure they'll have it down when they get older - when embarressment factors matter.

1 comment:

Janell said...

Very cute - I can't imagine life with all those girls - it must be fun! Can't wait to see ken when they start hitting 16....

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