Monday, February 25, 2008

Parent Guilt

I have a thing about being on time, if anything I am usually early. This makes for a lot of hanging outside places, waiting for the right time because I am 20 mins early. I think I have issues, that if something goes wrong, I have the time to still be on time. I think this drives Ken crazy, as about 2 hours before we have to be somewhere, I am annoying him about getting ready - well I know how long it takes to get 3 kids organised!

I always arrive at the girls school at 2:40. I sit and chat with some of the other parents, but I am nearly always the first one there. Very boring, I try to delay myself at home, but it seems if I leave at 2:13, 2:20, 2:30 I still get there 20 mins early.

Well except for today, as Ken gave me the car, and I also had to drop him for a job interview before 3pm, so it was raining, meaning the school carpark would be a mess, but I got the last car park - stroll into school with like 2 mins remaining - Monday is the school parade - so I go over and see Kalani sitting in her class group and she is grinning madly -

She won student of the week ! All those weeks of clapping for other children and the one day I am not there, she goes and gets student of the week....Whoops! She isn't upset, I think she might have thought that I was there... phewww..

Parental guilt... how many years do we have to endure?


Janell said...

Not me - I am sure you remember one of my most embarassing moments involving a sealing ....... eekkk! But good for you!!

This Girl loves to Talk said...

sorry was half finished this blog when Ken took over the puter to play a game, and he published it!!

This Girl loves to Talk said...

I dont recall you being late? oh well... whats in the past is past.. hee hee... well for our sealing Ken was stuck in traffic as he was staying at a friends house and we were at church accomodation, so nearby and ontime... I had to have the interview with the temple president alone... I was so scared, I was crying.... where is ken.... i was hoping the temple pres didnt take the crying as a sign that I didnt want to get married or something... ha ha ha I am just so scared of talking to people I dont know... and needed ken for the support... heeeh heee

Janell said...

SO funny - that explains why your post kind of ended abruptly! I was trying to figure out where the guilt part came into it =)!

Never knew Ken was late for the sealing - what a crazy time for you!

mrstamu said...

I love you guys & I love your blog (both of them!)! How you do it is amazing, ya'll do so much stuff at home.: ) Wow I miss you! : ( We are good, sorry haven't written, I'm so disorganized, always running around like a chicken with my head cut off, OK bad visual! Took my written driving test today and have my practical on Tues, feel like I'm 15 again. The sad part is that 1/2 of it (a video computer section) is impossible! But that's Ok scored high enough to pass (100% on the multiple choice but 56 out of 75 on the latter, yeah so 13 years driving in 3 countries on two sides of the road, phew, glad it worked out, I probably need more practice before Tues as I have to show how you check all the fluid levels and I haven't done this in years (thanks to cheap oil and lube services in US)! Chris left today till May 5. Maybe I'll actually get some of my pics and videos of the kids put up so you guys can see. Can't wait to see you. I told Chris last night the best anniversary present ever (probably in like 10 years) would be a surprise trip back to AU so I could see you for like a week, then we could all go to dinner on Eagle St Pier, Spend a Sat at the beach and then he could take me to Sydney or back to Melbourne : ) ahh, what a dream!

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