Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lovers of Animals, Defenders of Maggots?

This is another story that happened on the "Cookie drama day".

It has been raining almost daily for about 8 weeks. I walk in the rain to and from school everyday - about 25 mins each way. Yesterday it was raining quiet heavily, on the way home so we got very wet. My shoes were so wet that my feet were sliding everywhere inside my sandles, that I nearly twisted my ankle (more foot problems - not what I need) so I took my shoes off. To anyone that has had the misfortune of seeing my kids and I walk to school, I feel pity for you.

This is what we look like... Pram with bags piled on it, this time wet shoes too... blankets hanging off it to protect Gabrielle from the rain, me with my hat on (it is too hard to push a pram and hold an umbrella - so I wear a hat to stop the rain going on my face) this time, me with no shoes on (gutter trash come to anyones mind so far?) then trailing behind me is Anika and Kalani with umbrellas, raincoats, no shoes on Anika, usually they are holding sticks, rocks, flowers, seed pods etc etc... anything they happen to find on the walk. And there is often some fighting going on if they are tired from school. Pretty much the whole neighbourhood knows when we are coming.

So it is raining hard, and we are finally about 2 blocks from our house, when I look around and see that they aren't behind me. I say "Come on Girls" for about 2 mins then realise they are not going to come. So I back track to them and this is our conversation

"Come On, lets get home!"
"We can't!"
"We are saving Animals from being washed down the drain"
(this by the way is not unusual - we have saved worms, bugs, ants, lizards, snails etc)

So then I walk closer to the gutter and see that they are saving maggots which are being washed down the gutter from a bin further up the street. I had to laugh so hard. Anyone who knows my girls know they are semi-tomboys and also love animals and bugs. Now Kalani was using a stick... but Anika was picking them up with her hands. She had one on her palm. EWWWWWW!!I would have taken a photo if I had had my camera with me ( I so wish I had so when she is older I can tease her) so I found the above picture on the internet for some visualisation for you.

So after laughing so hard I said they are just fly babies and we don't really need to save them, as we dont really like flies and Australia has millions of them! So Kalani squashed the one she had, only for Anika to start almost crying saying "Its a baby fly... Don't kill it!!

So it was a perfect ending to a day filled with bugs (see earlier post) EWWWWWW!!

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Janell said...

yuck, yuck, yuck - but cute that they are so tender hearted about animals - but yuck, yuck, yuck.

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