Friday, March 14, 2008

Haven't worn it in a year - Throw it out!!

So now Ken has all this time on his hands - no hanging out at the church 5 days a week, and work was a little slow this week, he decided to clean out his closet. Then watching him, I started to feel guilty so started on mine aswell.

Well he soon regretted it, as what he thought would be a 20 min job turned into like 4 hours. For some reason when you pull out cupboards it always makes more mess than was there in the first place.

We soon had a throw away pile, give away, maybe, washing, and keep piles. Cleaned up all the dust and took the piles away and suddenly we had more room in our squashed cupboards. Ken got rid of a few things he was "holding"onto, so was very proud of his effort - "haven't worn it in a year (some things more like 5-10 years) then it needs to go.

By the way - anyone need coat hangers?

1 comment:

Janell said...

Oh the dreaded wire hangers - glad you got rid of some stuff, what a great feeling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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