Sunday, March 16, 2008

Why I am NOT having 7 kids!

We had some awesome friends stay on the weekend. We got to babysit their 4 kids, so with mine that made 7 kids, which scarily with their age gaps, I could have had that many children in 9 years.... OH MY!!

As awesome as it was, I know now it is impossible to get that many kids into bed - given they were excited to be with their friends, it was like 10 pm before the last one finally fell... Oh... and then they got up before 6am so they could all play together...

this was breakfast.... very organised of me!! As much as I wanted to just throw some dry cereal at them Ken and I actually got up and fed them.
I haven't posted all weekend as I was recovering from this and from the awesome conference weekend we had with Elder Bednar! My blessings for babysitting for someone else is that I sent my girls to the grandparents while I went to conference to see Elder Bednar - it was awesome to hear one of the 12 apostles speak without little ones drowning it out with their whinging.
A busy weekend

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Janell said...

Sounds like a madhouse, but fun for the girls. Glad you got some spirtual upliftment as well minus whining - always a bonus!!! (And we'll just see how many kids you guys end up with ...!!!)

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