Friday, March 28, 2008

My walking days are numbered - now how will I get anywhere?

I thought I had more time...

Everything was going smoothly - there wasn't even a hint of evidence that Gabrielle would soon mutiny. I thought I had a well behaved toddler, who was always going to perfectly comply with everything I wanted her to do ;)

On the way to school yesterday she decided that she no longer needs her pram! No matter how tight I tied the belt/restraint she still got out of it! She was like a little houdini! I decided to take the hard line - if you let them out once - it's all downhill from there (speaking from experience - I let the other two girls out of their prams way too early!)

So back to my hardline tactics - it was a firm NO!! and put the belt back on, holding her down while I do it. I wasn't going to back down - so had to repeat this action about 10 times on the way to school. She is just so stong and tricky, she is a little goat. She was so desperate to get out that she started just jumping out - yes jumping! Onto the path very close to a main road - this is NOT good! All this turned our normal 20 min walk into about 35 so we were late for school.

So who won in the end? - it certainly wasn't me!
I'm FREE!!

We are now perfecting the art of how many ways to carry a 1 and 1/2 year old . She even rode on top of the pram and waved at cars with a queen like wave - I saw one lady in a car laughing hysterically at us.

At least someone is laughing - I am not!

This is her 'jumping' out!!! Crazy!

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Janell said...

Love the queen wave - cute photos!! This stinks for you.

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