Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Ok, this will be the final thing on "how much I loved my husband being a Bishop" as we have now moved on and Ken is now on the High Council which I am sure will keep him busy enough.

During the week we recieved these letters. For a Family Home Evening Activity the YSA had written letters of thanks to us (well to Ken really, I am just taking credit). We recieved about 20 letters. We can't describe how amazing it was to read these. I think that the letters weren't really for the YSA to learn or grow from, but they really were for us to know how much we are loved and that we did mean something to them.

You very rarely if ever recieve that many letters in one go - It really warmed my heart to read them... So now I think I might go write some letters to people I care about -

So for thankful thursday maybe go write a letter, it could change someones life - mine was!

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