Sunday, April 13, 2008


I made these little bags for the girls to take to conference. I printed off a prophet match game and a few little treats for them. We also made our own threading game. I bought some shoe laces and we printed off some church type pictures, the 'new' first presidency, and photos of the girls. We then laminated and punched holes along the edges of the photos - and there you have it - your own threading game. They still got bored but their behaviour was improved.

Reading all my american friends blogs, I am jealous they could stay home and snuggle and eat yummy food and watch conference on TV! - we have to go to the chapel a week later and end up in the kids cry room where they misbehave even more because there are 20 other children in there. This time we each took turns going alone on the saturday sessions, then we each went to one sunday session with one chid - it was great! I thought the kids would like some one on one time, but they each missed the others! So maybe just a one off, but it was nice to listen, even if we only got to go to 2 sessions.

I wanted to share some insights, but I took too many notes, so too long to post here.

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Jan said...

Those are some great ideas on how to handle the kids at conference. I know that we are very blessed to have our homes, but when we use to have to go to the chapels, there was something there that is missing at home. I can't say that home is a better environment as far as reverance goes. I find your efforts very admirable indeed. Way to go guys.

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