Monday, April 14, 2008

Memory Monday

Did you have a childhood hideout?

We had a mango tree we used to climb and added some wood to it (not a tree house, but enough wood to help us stand)
But the best one was my dad's old combi van. It was painted in bright colours and parked in the back yard. It was our 'play house' We could sit up the front and 'drive' it or we could play in the spacious back. Had a few 'tea parties' in there. All our friends were jealous. It was the best hideout ever. Over the years of not being used it finally got all yuck and spiders in it etc, that it no longer exists now :( photo not our one, but just for visualisation

What games did you play in your house or neighbourhood?

We played cricket and basketball alot on our long driveway, hide and seek, tiggy and 42 Home. We had lots of times playing in the front yard with neighbourhood kids. I also remember this game we used to play for family home evening that involved all the canned food in the house. The cans were put in the middle of the room. Each child was given a corner of the loungeroom (lucky we only had 4 kids) and you have to run and collect cans and bring back to your corner. Once the ones in middle are gone, you can steal from others corners until you reached the designated number of cans to be the winner. Loved that game growing up.


Jan said...

Those are two great memories. I love the hideout and the games. That Van must have been the kids favorite thing in the world. You must have been uba cool for sure. I have not heard of a couple of those games, but they sound fun. The FHE game with the cans was very creative and cheap to do. Glad you have such fond memories. Sorry about the yuck of the van later on though. That would be a scary place after that.

Anonymous said...

I love this family photo!!
white shirts and blue jeans are sooooooooooo cool!!!! especially Gaby is prety!!
I really join your familly.
these cakes and bags are cute!!

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