Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dinner Parties

I have been inspired by this blog NieNie to have more people over.

We were too busy the last 3 years to do so, I mean we had young adults dining with us a few times a week - so that was enough... but now it is time to get back to our friends and family.

We have had two lots of people over this week - and two play dates also. The girls have been making table settings and decorating - so it keeps them amused for a little while.

Anyway if you would like to come over - just say time and day and we will be here waiting! I love dinner parties!


Jan said...

I love Nie Nie. She is uba cool. I am glad that you want to be more social. It is something I need to be more of. Keep us posted on all the fun times together. And if I could, I would ask to come over this weekend, since no one is sick right this second, and say lets eat.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie, I too made this commitment late last year. We were determined to strengthen our friendship network every week. Then it was once a fortnight, then once a month. Feeding people is just too expensive, as every time someone came over I wanted to splurge on them. I totally went broke and over did it. The last family we had over, I felt I neglected them because I only made them a bowl of pasta, salad, and pavlova dessert. Any time saving budget dining ideas? Karyn

This Girl loves to Talk said...

well I have just determined to do it with whatever we were having... as my mum said to me, people are grateful for the invite and if they are your friends, they will be happy for your company not just your food,

I use recipes out of food ideas magazine, this week I made stirfry, and next time lemon and feta chicken and sometimes ask the other person to bring drink or dessert.. we are lucky our kids dont eat much... ha ha ha

Janell said...

When we were really poor - a few times we had people over for dessert and games later in the evening - and it worked out too. But we're back to dinners now (food is much cheaper here). It's good to get back into the social life, isn't it??? Sounds like you all are having lots of fun.

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