Sunday, May 25, 2008

Party Weekend

Had my sis in laws 22nd birthday friday night
Me and Gabs getting ready (older girls went off with Aunty)... so just me and her... was very nice.. Party Theme Pink and Green (Fav colours of sis in law) so this was our attempt.
My beautiful sister and the awesome birthday cake she made from the Bakerella PoP Cupcakes recipe. These are divine... and recommend you make them! even if you dont go to all the effort of shaping them.
The lovely birthday girl.

Then we spent most of Saturday involved in a temple sealing and then the ring exchange (neither newlyweds families were church members)and reception. The bride decorated (with a litte help from some muscley guys) the WHOLE thing herself.. it was amazing!!
Even the Womens bathroom was decked out with expensive perfumes, deodorant, hand creams for us guests... I tell you this bride was soooo thoughtful.

And Mechelle.. NO our kids were NOT there!! YAY... so thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for babysitting!!
Happy us... Without the kids for a change!!

Even my husband cried.. the wedding was very moving!! We were so happy the Bride and Groom involved us (well my husband was their bishop and has been involved in all the preparations for the last 6 months)

and the dress debarcle.... I had one hour (with a car) on friday to buy presents for both parties and to get myself a new dress... UMMMM>.... so I ran around like crazy and being almost winter here almost NO shops had dresses in them!! This dress was from the only shop selling dresses - in my price range!! I wanted the black and white one - UMMM only size 8!!!!! WAY TOO TIGHT!!! AND BUTTONS POPPING>>> so I had to settle with the red.... I am glad it looked OK and even better it was $10!! so it does pay to shop out of season!!


Jan said...

I loved this post so very much. That was one of the most beautiful receptions I have ever laid eyes on. Gorgeous. And the bride and groom and those lovely bridesmaids. Oh my. Just so nice. I love how you took your camera into the bathroom and took a picture for us or you. Whatever. Isn't blogging fun. We see opportunities everywhere. Even in the bathrooms. Have a great day..

Jan said...

Forgot to mention the cupcakes. I have seen those and thought they were the cutest. I am glad that you showed us how great they can turn out.

BindiM said...

The cupcake pops looked great! I think that they will be a treat for every birthday in our house now.

Did I tell you that Simon does remember your husband well? Isn't it weird how the internet connects people?!

Anonymous said...

found your blog via Bakerella and I, too, live down under. Just wondering if you know what kind of cake was used and what was substituted for the frosting?

This Girl loves to Talk said...

Hi anoymous.. you didnt leave a way to get back to you.. hopefully you will read this

I am pretty sure my sister used a box cake mix (she has made them a few times they came out very strong if using a mudcake -Like you could barely eat one ball it was so rich) so a regular chocolate cake mix i think would be fine and she used cream cheese I believe to make the cake crumb/frosting balls

she used just plain white and milk chocolate for the outside and sprinkles for the top in desired colours

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