Thursday, May 22, 2008

We are Jack, from Jack and the Beanstalk... GIVEAWAY!

After seeing these CUTE beanbags on The Crafty Crow I just knew we had to make them. So many possiblities/games to be had when you have a few beanbags. So far we have thrown them in a bucket, balanced them on our heads while walking/bending down etc, juggled and I am sure we will think of more things.

I made so many I even have these 3 to give away. Perfect for boys (or if your daughters are like mine - perfect for them) as they are made from dinosaur material.

If you would like to go in the draw to win these 3 little bean bags, tell me in the comments in ONE word something that describes your family.

We felt like jack and the beanstalk.... counting our beans... we filled the bags with dried borlotti beans, so they could be true BEAN bags.


mrstamu said...

Disorganized. Haphazard. Crabby. Cheerful. Happy.

OK let's settle on Manic (I think that might include disorganized haahhhhaaaa ; )

Love Alisha : )

Those are so cute, you are amazing. We NEVER do crafts. But don't really ship those here! I'll have to take you up on inspiration and make some to, or find the ones I have somewhere to play with ; )
Oh we miss you! : }

Jan said...

You are a continual craft work in motion. I just can't believe all you get done. It is blowing my socks off. Hit me with a bean bag.

Janell said...


chelle said...


(But we live too far away so don't pick us, just wanted to play!) You are so fun. m

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